related to the project

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invited conferences and talks

“Colonial Spanish American Fashion and Casta Paintings,” in Professor Leslie Yarmo’s course on History of Fashion and Architecture at Salisbury University, Maryland, 14 April 2020 (via Zoom).

“Moda, sociedad y economía del vestir en la Nueva Granada.” Interview with Vicky Salías, director of the Museo de la Historia del Traje (Costume History Museum) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 15 July 2020 (on Instagram Live).

“La actuación del retrato: el vestido y la cultura de apariencias en Hispanoamérica, siglo XVIII” (Portraits and Performance: Dress and Appearances in Eighteenth-Century Hispanic America). Conference at the Colonial Museum in Bogotá, Colombia, 6 June 2018.

conference papers

“Redefining Fashion from the Periphery: The Case of Late-Colonial Spanish America.” Chicago Fashion Lyceum (online conference), 9–11 October 2020.

“Power Dressing in Colonial Quito: Deconstructing Women’s Costume in Vicente Albán’s Series of 1783.” Costume Society of America National Symposium (Seattle, WA), 15–20 April 2019.

“Fashioning the ‘Criollo’: Dress and the Creation of a Latin American Identity in the Eighteenth Century.” A Taste for the Exotic: Cross-Cultural Influences in Early Modern Dress and Textiles, Dressing the Early Modern Network Conference (Riggisberg, Switzerland), 27–28 September 2018.

“Portraits and Performance: Dress and the Culture of Appearances in Eighteenth-Century Spanish America.” New Research in Dress History Conference, Association of Dress Historians (London), 13–14 April 2018.